Apr 11, 2008

Bunalim - 1971 - фловер повер из Турции


Очень даже бодрая психоделическая группа из Турции.

Возникла вроде в конце 60-х. Чуваки голыми скакали по Стамбулу и орали об пользе кислоты. Ну и меня прет под нее шлятся по городу и пинать сами знаете что.... вот уже несколько дней :-)))

Bunalim - Bunalim (1971)

Track List:

1. Basak Saçlim
2. Hele Hele Gel
3. Bunalim
4. Tas Ver Köpek Yok
5. Yollar
6. Yeter Artik Kadin
7. Bir Dünya Da Bana Ver
8. Kinali Gelin
9. Bir Yar Için
10. Ask Senin Bildigin Gibi Degil
11. Ayrilik Olmasaydi
12. Güzel

А вот что пишет об это очень достойном коллективе, наверняка состоящем из детей рабочих и крестьян, зарубежная буржуазная пресса:

"His is Turkey's most notorious and dirty psychedelic underground band. They were formed in 1969 with the aim of having underground music reach wider audiences. They couldn't succeed well as their approach was very much wilder and uncompromising than any of their peers at the time; God, they were crazy! Running all nude down the Istiklal Street, psychedelic light shows, crazy paintings all over the stage wall and screaming of "LSD! LSD!" in their live shows.

"Tas var köpek yok" is their first single from 1969 when they were very raw in sound and the interrupting guy at the end of the song is none other than Cem Karaca who managed them at the time. Later on Bunalimlar went on to be a psychedelic hard rock band and disbanded by 1972. Their records are in "golden grail" status right now!!! G.A.

In 1970 Grup Bunalim were one of the first bands being described as "underground".
The style is very raw psychedelic compairing with other groups from those days. They recorded 6 singles, some under different names, like Aziz Azmet Mogollar's singer) or Rifat Öncel.

"Along with Erkin Koray's Underground Quartet, Bunalim was the band that defined Turkish Underground music. They only cut three singles under heir own name, but also backed some of Turkey's top rock singers on their 'solo' recordings. Their legendary demos in English are lost. Their first single is garage-punk, their second is in a more Anatolian Rock style."
G.A. & J.D.

Slippy Town description :

"Bunalimlar, an awesome heavy-acid ethno-rock group, 1969-1972. Their eight tracks, all in Turkish, start off with a couple tunes that come on like a heavier, wilder version of the Creation or the Troggs! Then they shift gears, re-focus their lysgeric energy, and begin adding Turkish elements to their heavy rock. The complexities keep stacking up and interweaving until the songs start to resemble the prog-like approach of Mogollar. But with heavy-rock format intact: bass lines looping thickly, medieval organ tones, Floyd-ish guitar solos, high-energy rock being tugged eastward by melancholy Middle-Eastern melodies."

P.S. song: Yeter Artik Kadin is a great heavy version of "Get Out Of My Life, Woman".


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