Mar 18, 2010

Polish Jazz vol.29 - 1972 - Tribute to Armstrong (vinyl rip SXL 0841 Muza)

Еще один винил-рип - 29 том кошерной серии Polish Jazz. На обе стороны уместилось 12 трибьютных пьес сыгранных польскими джазерами во славу неожиданно скончавшегося в середине 71 года Луи Армстронга.
320 kBit/s, ковера и пятаки в архиве.

Polish Jazz vol.29 - 1972 - Tribute to Armstrong (vinyl rip SXL 0841 Muza)
Polish Jazz Vol.29 - Tribute to Armstrong
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Track List:

side one

Old Timers

H. Majewski - tp, leader, J. Galiński - cl, J. Kowalski - tb, M. Mazur - p, R. Ochalski - b, T. Fedorowski - dr, H. Stefański j- bjo.

01. Heebie Jeebies (Atkins)
02. West End Blues (Williams, Oliver)
03. Cornet Chop Suey (Armstrong)

Sami Swoi

J. Kurzawa - tp, leader, J. Młynarczyk - tb, W. Zarębski - as, W. Wiński - ts, R. Lipiec - cl, P. Tabaka - p, J. Sorski - bjo, A. Adamczyk - tuba, Z. Lewandowski - dr.

04. Where Did You Stay Last Night (Armstrong, Hardin)
05. Yes I'm In The Barrel (Armstrong)
06. Gully Low Blues (Armsrong)


side two

Old Metropolitan Band

A. Jakóbiec - tp, leader, M. Michalski - tb, R. Kwaśniewski - cl, J. Boba - p, T. Oferta - bjo, R. Kopciuch - b, Gogulski - dr.

01. Potato Head Blues (Armstrong)
02. St.James Infirmary (tradit.)
03. When The Saints Go Marchin' In (tradit.)

High Society

W. Wertel - ss, leader, R. Kwaśniewski - tp, L. Dziwoki - tb, L. Furman - p, B. Szczawiński - bjo, M. Osiadły - bg, R. Seredyński - dr.

04. I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate (Armstrong)
05. St. Louis Blues (Handy)
06. High Society (Steele Melrose)

Recorded in Warsaw, January and February 1972
Reżyser nagrania: A. Karużas
Operator dżwięku: K. Diakon


In the reports from the funeral of Louis Armstrong, which took place in New York on the 8th and 9th June, 1971, we read that his wife Lucille did not want the typical New Orleans funeral sceneries to accompany Louis in his last trip. Therefore there was no procession followed usually by a marching band plying "Didn't He Ramble", "Going Home" or "When the Saints"; there was no dancing crowd, that usually steps right after the coffin and is commonly called "the Second Line".

In the church there were only gospels - "The Lord's Prayer", "Just a Closer Walk with Thee", "Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen" and "The Saints" - sung sadly in a low voice by Peggy Lee, Al Hibbler and Hugh Porter.

A day before 25 thousand people passed silently by the opening coffin exposed in the Park Avenue Armoury. That is how they said "farewell" to the greatest personality of jazz; the man who paved the way for new conception of this music, elevated the role of a soloist in a band; influenced not only the generations of trumpeters, but also inspired phrasing and rhythmic ideas of such giants as Coleman Hawkins and Lester Young; affected vocal values of Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holliday and Jimi Hendrix.

It goes without saying that every artistic inventiveness is the result of fusions and combinations of the already existing conventions. Daniel Louis Armstrong became almost an inventor of jazz, a creator of convention, father of the style.

His harmony feeling, mastery technique, lyricism and explosions of emotion were incomparable; all that was combined with his specific Negro background, which the eminent Swiss conductor, Ernest Anserment called "esprit negre".

The magic of his talent enabled also the birth of a new model audiences' perception. He had innumerable friends all over the world, among musicians especially.

In Poland there are many talented disciples-admirers of Armstrong's art. Pieces from his repertoire are often performed at our jazz festivals, concert halls and clubs, which evokes joy among musicians and audiences.

Our leading traditional groups also pay the tribute to Louis, the musician and master in transforming entertainment into art, which very often becomes the art of the entertainment.

Let us imagine the bands presented here - the Old Timers, High Society, Sami Swoi and Old Metropolitan Band - as the Second Line following the invicible genius of Armstrong. This vision will help us listening to the recordings.

Józef Balcerak


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