Mar 26, 2010

BalkanBeats Vol.1 - 2005

Первый том могучей подборки от берлинского лейбла EASTBLOK MUSIC. Конторой рулят два бодрейших дядьки и нам отлично известно про их прогрессивность - в 2006 году они релизили для европейского рынка Перверзію Гайдамаков (Ukraine Calling), а через два года - Кобзаря (причем выпустили его даже раньше, чем украинский лейбл Comp Music). В общем, зачетных пластинок они сделали уже немало - к примеру, чрезвычайно эффективный дисок Polska Rootz, тоже от Eastblok.

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Ну а если вы еще никогда не сталкивались с трехтомником BalkanBeats, то можно смело начинать с нижезапощенного Vol.1. Все как обычно - грабнуто в 320-ть, забиты рoвные теги и прилагается отфотканный буклет, посредством которого, можно радикально проинформироваться касательно каждой банды в отдельности.

BalkanBeats Vol.1 - 2005
BalkanBeats Vol.1 - 2005

Track List:

01. Hir aj kam, hir aj go - Magnifico & Turbolentza (03:47)
02. Meggyújtom A Pipám - Besh O Drom (03:51)
03. Colindat - Mahala Raï Banda (04:01)
04. Malcziki - Yugoton & Kazik (03:30)
05. Zumba - Legen (04:15)
06. Blagunyo Dejce - Kultur Schock (04:28)
07. Tazi - Tazi - Let 3 (03:19)
08. Prawy do Lewego - Kayah & Bregovic (03:26)
09. Tsu der Kretshme - Frank London's Klezmer Brass All Stars (02:22)
10. Djelem, Djelem - Karandila feat. Maya (04:52)
11. Romanela - SSassa (02:21)
12. Kermes - Sanja & Balkanika (03:46)
13. Od Srca - Boban Markovic Orkestar (02:59)
14. Dusty Road - Fanfare Ciocarlia (02:24)
15. Night (Nihta) - George Dalaras & Goran Turbolentza (03:44)

Бонусом на диске идут два великих клипа:

Let 3 - Tazi Tazi

Magnifico & Turbolentza
Hir aj kam, hir aj go


What are the Balkans?

A wild piece of land occupied in during the last decade by a confusing number of peoples giving each other a hard time? A rather unpleasant part of Europe where you find nothing but car smugglers, pimps, shashliks, and warmongering nationalists, where booze and bakshish flow instead of milk and honey?


For sure a territory, long under Turkish rule, wore down between Austria and Russia, in the end in the hands of more or less ruthless dictators. When Josip "Tito" Broz died in 1980, the Yugoslavian powder keg showed its first cracks, finally exploding in a gruesome war during the 1990s.

When the first grenades were fired, a young Bosnian named Robert Šoko sought refuge in Berlin. Like many exiles he wanted to forget the war and the whole shebang. He wanted to start a new life. Robert worked as a taxi driver and as a builder and like many others he didn't care if his neighbor was Bosnian, Serbian, or Croatian. Robert began to throw parties for like-minded emigrees and played the old yugo hits.

With a melange of irony and nostalgia they finally began to celebrate old socialist bank holidays - a symbol of long gone, nevertheless somehow present peaceful Yugoslavia that had become an imagination. Thus the Days of the republic, the women or the youth were solemnized. This is not a glamourous DJ career, but vital survival training of emigrees. In the Arcanoa, a Kreuzberg underground punk bar, they tried to regain a lost past, their own history, and identity.

It was the exotic, extremely danceable Balkan music that was enticing more and more people to visit the Arcanoa. Thus, the fascinating, bizarre, somehow tragicomical celebration of the exiled became a regular event that soon had to take place in larger venues. After a few transit stops, BalkanBeats are blasting in Berlin's Mudd Club since 2001.

The BalkanBeats team was completed by Tatjana Šoko and Marko Valić. Twice a month, DJ Šoko and his team amaze their audience with gypsy brass music, freshly produced traditional music and classic yugo hits. Live acts are playing regularly. BalkanBeats became an international cult affair. Now, Šoko plays New York and L.A. on a regular basis.

What is so special about this music, that induces a fast addiction and unforgettable scenes on the dancefloor?

The secret lies in the rough energy, the colourful, fresh timbre, the savageness, passion and danceability. Under the surface of breathtaking rhythms and razor sharp brass hooks there lies a subtle, black humour reacting to tragedy and bitterness, as it happens, when life is hard.

The civil war tearing apart this part of the world is reflected in the biographies of the artists, who had either become refugees or had to answer the absurd question: Is your music Bosnian, Serbian or Croatian?

Nationalism purism is fundamentally unknown to the music of the Balkans.

The inexhaustible diversity stems from slavonic, oriental, jewish traditions, and from the culture of the Roma people. The music's natural opennes enables an easy and exciting transfer to modern times.

Fresh Balkan bands pick up those traditions and process them into an individual cultural amalgam. In worst cases, traditional sounds are coupled with corny dance beats, complete with scantily-clad young ladies singing a special brand of soft porn pop. This "turbo folk" dominates many Balkan clubs. But there are other possibilities!

Artists sush as Let 3 and Magnifico spoof their own Balkan roots, fuse them with rock, ska, or metal, and nevertheless pay respect. Fanfare Ciocărlia, Karandila, and the Boban Marković Orkestar radicalize classical Balkan brass music with maximum virtuoso skill, thus renewing an old tradition to something sounding fresh and exciting.

Many of the bands are inspired by completely different traditions.

Mahala Raï Banda throw you out of the Bucharest slums into the heat of New Orleans. The individual, rough variety, the musical boldness, and wild exuberance find a steadily growing western audience.

Brass music is not merely an Oktoberfest sound. Balkan orchestras fill big venues as well as Emir Kusturica's films with soundtracks by Goran Bregović, which have a large following. This mixture of old and new, of urban and rural influences is the essence of the south eastern European soul - diverse, explosive, and just over the top.

BalkanBeats is a rich culture's musical underground ambassador.

Armin Siebert / Stefan Horlitz


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