May 29, 2010

Sex Pistols - Raw and Live 2CD & Live At Longhorn'78 (video)

Бодрый рип двухсидюковой коробки. Первый дисок - концертный Sex Pistols, а на втором Сід Вішеc. Качество звука мрачное, в архиве отфотканные обложки, на плеере сжирает 179,7 mb.

Sex Pistols - Raw and Live 2CD - 2004
Sex Pistols - Raw and Live 2CD - 2004

Track List:


01. Pretty Vacant (02:59)
02. No Feelings (02:51)
03. I Wanna Be Me (03:10)
04. I'm A Lazy Sod (02:07)
05. Submission (04:14)
06. C'mon Everybody (01:54)
07. Search & Destroy (03:03)
08. Anarchy In The UK (04:07)
09. Satellite (04:05)
10. No Lip (03:16)
11. Bill Grundy Interview (01:35)


01. Somethin' Else (02:07)
02. C'mon Everybody (02:18)
03. Stepping Stone (03:12)
04. No Lip (03:03)
05. I Wanna Be Your Dog (05:31)
06. Belsen Was A Gas (02:49)
07. Chatterbox (03:09)
08. Tight Pants (04:05)
09. My Way (04:21)
10. Search & Destroy (02:59)
11. My Way (Alt Version) (02:54)

телега з буклета:

The Sex Pistols infamous Svengali McLaren made the above statement in the summer of 2002 at the time of the Queen's Golden Jubilee, itself an anniversary of the extraordinary events of the Silver Jubilee of 1977, which saw the finest hour of their manager's creation. He still stands by the sentiments of their stunning single of the time God Save The Queen: "She ain't no human being / she made you a moron / a potential H-bomb / we mean it maan."

Critic Dave Marsh felt that the Pistols' music was "as challenging as anything recorded since Elvis Presley and... the best example of deliberate vulgarity rock has ever produced."

Comparisons with the impact of Presley are apposite: just as the popular music of the early 1950s had become largely dull and middle-aged, dominated by crooners and wholesome role models, so twenty years on the revolutions of the challenging late 60s counter-culture had died and been replaced by an industry bent on playing safe and satisfying an increasingly complacent constituency, perfectly content with "progressive" rock. The time, once again, was clearly ripe for change and a clever entrepreneur like McLaren was not one to miss an opportunity.

Malcolm McLaren had spoiled the roots of a new rebellion whilst working in New York, listening to Richard Hell, the Stooges and the New York Dolls, all precursors of the English sound, deliberately courting danger and outrage.

In Sex, his notorious Kings Road, London boutique, together with his then-partner the designer Vivienne Westwood, he began to fashion the clothing image for his new movement and recruited customers Steve Jones, Glen Matlock and Paul Cook to form a band; John Beverley (Sid Vicious) subsequently replaced Matlock and the line-up was completed by the recruitment of John Lydon (Johnny Rotten) to sneer, pose and handle the ostentatiously aggressive lyrics.

This was 1975/76 and gradually a following of disaffected youth began to support gigs on the London pub and club circuit before rivals the Damned issued New Rose, the first real punk single to make the mark that something serious was happening. It was the Sex Pistols, however, who really became identified as the quintessential punk act, beginning with the uncompromising rebellion of Anarchy In The U.K., their first hit in late 1976, and continuing on a two-year rollercoaster of publicity designed to shock, masterminded by the manager.

They appeared on a London TV show with middle-ranking interviewer Bill Grundy determined to provoke them into making a scene and swearing a lot: they duly obliged, scarcely needing any encouragement, and became national celebrities, as McLaren was only too aware of how little it still took to upset conservative values in the U.K. Regular bans on public appearances stoked the fires of public attention and contracts, first with EMI and then with A & M, were canceled in the wake of further incidents - violence, spitting, indulgence in drugs and a Rimbaudesque disdained their desire for youthful approval and parental fear.

God Save The Queen, eventually released by Virgin, was the best-selling record of the week coinciding with the Silver Jubilee, although the charts were famously rigged to keep them at No.2 (dishonestly substituting a more acceptable Rod Stewart record), even despite a blanket broadcasting ban. Further controversy ensued with the release of singles Pretty Vacant and Holidays In The Sun, together with the album 'Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's The Sex Pistols'.

This was their greatest achievement, as afterwards Rotten left after falling out with McLaren, the surviving trio recorded No One Is Innocent with Great Train Robber Ronnie Biggs, and Vicious made his grotesque parody of My Way before his descent into heroin addiction killed him, and the band in effect disintegrated.

Rotten reverted to his original name John Lydon to make some innovative avant-garde music as PIL, collaborating with Bill Laswell, Africa Bambaata and Leftfield, while Matlock went on to form the Rich Kids and work with Jones, Iggy Pop and Johnny Thunders. Nothing, however, could match the impact of their once-in-a-generation mid 70s escapades though, and despite the fact that the music of the Clash has emerged as the best-loved and enduring of the period, it is undoubtedly the sound of the Sex Pistols which is most indelibly stamped as Punk.

Neil Kellas 2002


В довершении 44-ти минутное мега-видео. 9 треков из Далласа (Longhorn Ballroom, January 10th 1978) + два бонусных клипа с 37-й минуты (God Save The Queen & Anarchy in U.K.)

Sex Pistols - Live At Longhorn'78 (online)